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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  November 21, 2010 11:35pm-12:05am EST

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released a video message to airports and airways. >> you have the option to request that the pat down be conducted in a private room. >> by sunday afternoon, the tsa may be backing down. training procedures will be adapted as they warrant. this is an effort to make them as minimally invasive as possible while still providing the security that the american people want and deserve. it could be part of a perfect storm at the airport. a million more people this year will be flying them last year. we talked about the tsa controversy earlier tonight. >> thank you for joining us tonight. let's start with the pat downs that have received quite a bit of controversy. now has become political.
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>> the obama administration has been struggling to find the right pitch to respond to this. the tsa administrator said that nothing was going to change. they are confident that these procedures are not comfortable, but necessary. they are going to review these. they are going to try to make is minimally intrusive. >> what will change? is it the president's response? what do you think changed? >> right now, it seems like they need to purchase the respond to this public clamor about these pat downs. the worst-case scenario is that they scaled back screening measures and somebody does manage to get a dangerous object on to an airplane because there were inadequate screening procedures. the nuclearrt with
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arms treaty. where is the president's push for the senate to approve this? >> democrats have decided with the limited amount of time they have with their current majority, they are still going to control the senate by a majority. they are going to pass this treaty with russia. the president is coming off of an international trip to portugal. angela merkle and other foreign leaders are behind this treaty. the majority leader believes that they can get a enough public support to get to that two-thirds threshold. >> they are confident that could change. robert gates now getting involved. it could have a significant impact on russia's nuclear- weapons if they do not do it.
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>> you even have republicans like richard lugar saying that if they do not pass this treaty, it will make the united states less secure. that is a strong endorsement from the other side. >> the president on his way back from portugal finds about the uranium enrichment facilities that they say is the clear. it is going to be used for nuclear purposes. >> they have dispatched their special envoy to north korea. north korea is provocative, but not surprising. the obama administration is not pursued off guard. this is something they have been doing for over a decade. the obama administration has been trying to pursue gradual talks with north korea to try to get them to back away from this. >> do you think that the change
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of power in congress is weakening the president's ability to be a strong leader abroad? >> if bank -- if he wants to do do not ask, do not tell, he needs to do this quickly right now. >> tomorrow, the jury deliberations in the levy murder trial enter a fourth day. they are considering two counts. they are asking for a legal definition of assault. they must see a that levy was a salted to obtain a first-degree murder conviction. her body was found a year later. metro will try to make getting to and from the airport easier for you. metro bus will have additional airports on standby at bwi and
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dulles international airports. on friday, metro will run on its regular weekday schedule. on sunday, they will monitor travel to reagan national airport. it is your chance to put a stamp on history at the national zoo. they are offering a chance to name two of the seven lion cubs. you must submit a 90-second video, no longer. they must -- you must give an explanation of why you picked the name. the videos are due at midnight on sunday. still to come, a walnut and talk-show host is under suspension this week. when he will be coming back to work. the sarah palin media blitz continues. >> temperatures are about 10
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>> the elizabeth smart kidnapping trial is taking a break. the man accused of kidnapping the 14-year-old in 2002 says that he began stalking young
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girls because a b. reed -- of a religious revelation. he believe that he needed to kidnapped girls to form a polygamous family. he made a plea deal to testify against her husband. a federal judge could issue a final ruling that would possibly impact dozens of lawsuits pending against toyota. it is pending against alleged sudden acceleration defects. toyota says that nobody has proven that a design flaw exists. they blamed faulty formats and driver ever for the unintended acceleration. joe scarborough will be heading back to work on wednesday after a two-day suspension. they suspended him after admitting to making several contributions to state
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republican candidates. be hitting book will store shelves. she is taking on everyone from jeremiah right to jfk. it will be released on tuesday. the redskins are back on next weekend. darth and the vikings come in next week for a 1:00 game. on wednesday, the capitals had to north carolina to take on the hurricanes. on friday, they are back at home. the wizard schedule looks like this. they are home on tuesday to take on philadelphia. on saturday, the orlando magic come to town. still to come, is this better to come to town. still to come, is this better to book early or
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the logan circle community is calling for action after and a family is attacked. this happened at 13th street. the couple was beaten after handing over their belongings. residents are asking for at least one extra security guard in the area. a man suspected of killing his co-worker and dumping his body
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in a cardboard box is arrested. he is accused of shooting him at a northwest high-rise building where they worked and dumping his body 50 miles away in frederick county. valencia threaten him over an affair with his wife. hard liquor sales are now allowed on sunday, at least for now. the county is hoping that this will bring in extra revenue. beer and wine store owners are not happy. this week, we are looking at chillier temperatures. >> as we move towards thanksgiving day, we are moving down. we do have a low cloud deck.
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that will allow the fog to form. do not expect any significant delays. time. advisory's at this this first one takes us to fairfax. 49 degrees, down from 57 for a high. the high temperature today made it up to 58 african national. 43 in frederick. baltimore at 49. warmer air out there. detroit is looking at 61. these are temperatures during the 11:00 hour. the colder air, it is definitely there. fargo at 10 degrees. the reason i am showing you this, this cold air is going to modify just a little bit.
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a big shopping day on friday. we are talking about highs in the mid-40's. from california to colorado. closer to home we go. a few clouds pushing in from the north and west. a cold front from the north and west of us will make its way to our area late on tuesday. ahead of the cold front, and daytime highs above average for this time of year. once the system moves on through, that is the first shot of cooler air. the cooler air will stick around for several days. look for some areas to drop down to just about half a mile. the fog will dissipate by 9:00
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in the morning. winds will be out of the south at 10-15. the cold front arrives late on tuesday. a chance for showers late on wednesday morning. cooler on thursday. at this thanksgiving day with highs only in the mid 50's. black friday, a huge shopping day. they are waiting for those doors to open. hopefully, you will not have to wait out there too long. morning temperatures only in the lower 30's warming into the 40's. a nice couple of days ahead. >> coming up next, scoring a
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>> 7 is on your side with a surprising way to save money. how to know when booking a trip might be costing you extra. >> asked travelers and they will tell you, the early bird gets the best deal. >> take care of everything at the same time so that when i arrived, they know what i am doing. >> you think that gets you the best price on a car rental? >> i think so. >> think again. what is true for airplane
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tickets is not always true for car rental. they found that if you book a car to early, you could pay too much. >> added is mystifying. we have all been taught, by early to get the lowest price. >> he reserved a car for 12 days from alamo. three weeks out, that cost $480. three weeks out, it cost $420. one week out, the price dropped to $337.31. just two days before the rental, the price fell again to $261.81. that is more than $200 in savings. >> the savings rate can be an enormous. >> they vary by company and the man.
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whether it is on capitol hill or the kennedy center, a lot of people are getting used to seeing celebrities. with the stars, another group. she will show how business is booming. >> for some, there is no shortage of celebrities. >> pitt, garner, j-lo, fey. >> he spends his time in front swanky as hotels waiting for a-listers to emerge. >> we get the photographs of him shopping. >> he got this picture of him throwing coffee. this is not just for new york or los angeles.
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>> now we get them in washington. >> it is widely understood that the obamas have opened up washington to hollywood. >> shooting stars as they mix politics with fame, as they are testifying on capitol hill. >> where else are you going to get right next to nancy pelosi? >> they also turned up for awards shows and moving promotions. this is not just a steady stream of celebrities. it is an opportunity for local photographers to sell them. >> d.c. magazines offer the opportunity to show these photographs. >> some questioned whether celebrity access to the bill will change with the new session of congress. while there still may be celebrities in town, we may see a morsel -- conservative bunch. >> they are all going to have to
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bundle up this week. not for tuesday. on wednesday it is going to be a lot colder. look at our extended outlook. tomorrow, lots of sunshine. upper 50's on sunday. a cold front will bring increased clouds late in the day. this is clearing out nicely. excellent travel conditions up and down the east coast. getting colder on friday. for an updated forecast, and over to our website. click on the weather tab. >> it is g
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